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Mon Dec 18 10:04:30 EST 1995

Much deleted.....

>>Ahh, but that would be *American*, not *English*.....   :-)
>That's correct but some people actually prefer it. Maybe, because nobody 
slaps you an your mouth if you invent or twist and strech those beautifully 
adaptive,>>originally english words.

One thing I have learned since emigrating from the UK to become an immigrant 
to Canada over 20 years ago is to hold my tongue when it comes to differences 
in language between my native and adopted countries.  My initial complacency 
as a speaker of definitive english was dented when I discovered that several 
Canadian or American "corruptions" were in fact rooted deeper in the english 
language than the words I thought were "correct".

Now I try to value the resilience of language; sometimes the advertizing 
fraternity makes this hard!

Language evolves, I should know that, I'm a biologist.

Compliments of the season.

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