Wed Feb 1 14:19:04 EST 1995

Announcement and Call for Papers

This is a new monthly journal from Current Biology Ltd. regularly 
publishing original research papers as well as reviews and minireviews. 
The first issue appeared in September 1994.  Editors are Stuart L. 
Schreiber (Harvard University) and K.C. Nicolaou (University of 
California-San Diego and Scripps Research Institute), Associate Editors 
are Patrick Baeuerle (University of Freiburg), Gerald F. Joyce(Scripps 
Research Institute), and Gregory L. Verdine (Harvard University).

Scope of Journal:  

Chemistry & Biology publishes papers of exceptional interest in all 
areas at the interface between chemistry and biology.  Such areas 
include the use of natural and designed molecules as probes of cellular 
pathways, the application of knowledge about the structure or function 
of a target molecule to aid in the design of drugs, and the analysis of 
the nature of molecular recognition in biological systems.  Papers on 
topics such as signaling, catalysis and the control of gene expression 
are also encouraged, provided that they contribute to an understanding 
of these processes at a chemical level.  The molecular basis 
of evolution, the biology of highly reactive species, protein folding 
and the design and exploitation of ex vivo biosynthetic pathways also 
fall within the scope of the journal.  

All submissions should be sent to:

Dr. Rebecca Ward
U.S. Managing Editor
Current Biology Ltd.
251 Hugo St.
San Francisco, CA  94122 USA
Telephone:  415-566-4880
Fax:  415-566-4594

For subscription information:

Current Biology Ltd.
Subscriptions Department
20 N. Third St.
Philadelphia, PA  19106 USA
Telephone:  800-566-5866 or 215-574-2210
Fax:  215-574-3533
E-mail:  info at

SAMPLE ISSUES available upon fax request to:  415-566-4594

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