Please help me

Teracom teracom at
Sat Feb 4 12:23:28 EST 1995

I'd be happy to help you if you aren't already overwhelmed with responses
to your request.
I am a published scientist ...
who, during the Cold War turned my scientific skills toward helping the US
find the "threat." (Which was interesting because suddenly some of my
foreign colleagues were considered offlimits by my superiors - and led to
some interesting events)...
and who, after the end of the Cold War, turned my "swords" into
plowshares, in the medical field - including cardiology, ultrasound
measurements of blood flow in internal organs, and the early detection of
breats cancer.
(i.e. I switched to finding the enemy within).
Drop me a note if you'd like to interview.
Best regards,
                     William H. Hutson, Ph.D.
                      Technological Innovations
 Technological Innovations
   Technology Transfer

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