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> Hi. 
> Is there a way to obtain serial abstracts from current journals
> and /or initiate a search for topics of interest through Internet.
> I have just started on internet and any help would be of great value 
> for research that I can initiate from home rather than an in house 
> search through the uni. computer.
> Stephen.

I wish I could answer "yes" to your question. A way to do a comprehensive
abstract search on the Internet would be wonderful, but there isn't any
way to do that now (via publically available services, anyway). Some
journals are coming online, mostly with tables of contents (some with
abstracts), but the situation is very disorganized. Even with many
journals online, someone still needs to index them all in order to allow

Probably your best bet, for now, is to try to log into your university
computers through the Internet. I know that's possible at Caltech, and it
might be elsewhere, as well. In the future, you might want to check out
BioWeb; the URL is in my signature.

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