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: > Hi. 
: > 
: > Is there a way to obtain serial abstracts from current journals
: > and /or initiate a search for topics of interest through Internet.
: > 
: > I have just started on internet and any help would be of great value 
: > for research that I can initiate from home rather than an in house 
: > search through the uni. computer.
: > 
: > Stephen.

: I wish I could answer "yes" to your question. A way to do a comprehensive
: abstract search on the Internet would be wonderful, but there isn't any
: way to do that now (via publically available services, anyway). Some
: journals are coming online, mostly with tables of contents (some with
: abstracts), but the situation is very disorganized. Even with many
: journals online, someone still needs to index them all in order to allow
: searches.

All of the above is depressingly true.  However, I have started a collection
of abstract searching services and other bio-periodical resources on the
net at:

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