Elsevier and its gopher/internet

suleyman aydin D31 at vm.baum.anadolu.edu.tr
Wed Jan 25 09:10:18 EST 1995

Dear netbio,

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a gopher and internet address of
Elsevier publ.

I did send an e-mail to ELSEVIER asking if the accepted a
publication via e-mail.

So far I received NO reply..

Do you know the reason? If yes, please let me know..
Also I am still waiting the reply (I will be pleased to hear a Yes||)

Or.. any good soul from Elsevier reading this newsgroup??

Suleyman AYDIN
Pharmacology (ph.d.) student
Pharmacology lab., anadolu univ., tepebasi-eskisehir/TURKEY
d31 at vm.baum.anadolu.edu.tr

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