need journal database info

Else Marais 075elm at
Fri Jul 7 07:10:57 EST 1995

Dear All

Sorry if this is the wrong group - I just don't know where else to go.  

The situation is: I am a South African student who needs to get the latest 
references to articles in my field of study (which happens to be HIV).
But finding somewhere to search for the most up-to-date articles in 
Scientific journals has meant
a) using Medline, a connection to the States, which is getting 
expensive with the weakening Rand
b) using CD-ROM which is also not exactly cheap, and has limited access

I tried using search engines on the WWW such as Lycos, but I only get a few 
old and very general references.
Does anybody know of a Scientific journal database that one can access for 
free, or is at least cheaper than Medline?

Thanking all helpers in advance
Else Marais
075elm at

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