As a biomedical technician

Tonino Totilo t_totil at CAM.ORG
Thu Jul 20 17:01:06 EST 1995

>Hello, my name is Tony Totilo.  I wish to obtain your assistance if possible. 
>First, I wish to introduce myself. I'm an electronic technician with 4 years
>experience and have worked in telecommunications, computers, audio-video,etc. 
>Also, I am employed as a part-time porter in the emergency, x-ray, and other 
>departments of the Montreal General Hospital.  
>At present, I am seeking new career opportunities as a biomedical equipment
>technician and have been trying to seek related information on the internet. 
>Unfortunately, I have been unsuccessful in my search.
>I would really appreciate if you can inform me of sites on the net where I
>can receive information for the following: career as a biomedical equipment 
>technician, biomedical equipment (defibulators, IV pumps, monitors for CCU, 
>This information would be very inspiring as to gain a theoretical 
>understanding of biomedical equipment.
>Likewise, please do not hesitate to communicate with me should you need my 
>Tony Totilo      

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