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          The "platform" Academic Press (AP) is creating, called      
     International Digital Electronic Access Library (IDEAL), is described  
     below. Access to TOCs and abstracts is free. Access to full articles   
     is by a site license approach, called AP Print and Electronic Access   
     License (APPEAL), initially aimed at very large consortia like state   
     systems or countries, and priced at a modest premium above print     
          The IDEAL environment is an experiment in journal publishing. 
     Many new features and services will emerge in the next few years.      
     Certainly, publication will be speeded up, although total time to      
     publish depends on more than just the mode of delivery.  
          Ken Metzner      
     1. IDEAL is 3-year pilot project of Academic Press, that exploits the 
     Internet to greatly expand and improve access to scientific journals.  
     Through licensing agreements with selected library networks, IDEAL     
     brings Academic Press research journals directly to the end users'     
     digital desktops.
     2. IDEAL uses an efficient no-nonsense approach based on an open      
     non-proprietary modular architecture.  Starting with the 1996 issues   
     of 184 Academic Press journals, it will add over 2000 articles every   
     month. Other publishers are being invited to join in the project.
     3. To create this IDEAL environment Academic Press has formed an      
     alliance with Fujitsu and its affiliates, who are major international 
     technology providers.  Mirrored sites will be established in Europe    
     and the US, and later in Japan and elsewhere, in order to insure      
     efficient access from all points on the globe 24 hours per day, 365    
     days in the year.
     4. Anyone with access to the Internet will be able to freely browse    
     and search the IDEAL database of journal tables of contents with any   
     standard Web browser, such as Netscape.  Searching of abstracts will   
     also be free initially.
     5. Authorized Users at sites within the licensed library networks of   
     the pilot project will be able to view, print, and download complete   
     articles in Adobe's Acrobat format without restriction for personal    
     use and for course packs.
     6. Two prototype journals, JMB Online (Journal of Molecular Biology) 
     [as of July] and Genomics [as of Nov.], can be accessed license-free 
     in 1995 at and at  As 
     a further experiment within the pilot project, access to JMB Online 
     and Genomics Online will continue to be free in 1996 for any 
     individuals at institutions holding paper subscriptions.
     7. Inquiries from interested library networks should be addressed to:
             Ken Metzner               or      Chris Gibson 
             Academic Press, Inc.              Academic Press, Ltd. 
             525 B Street, Suite 1900          24-28 Oval Road
             San Diego, CA  92101              London  NW1 7DX
             tel:    1-619-699-6830            tel:    44-171-482-2893 
             fax:    1-619-699-6715            fax:    44-171-267-0362 
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