What happened to the CELL WWW-site ?

The Journal of NIH Research jnihr at access1.digex.net
Fri Nov 10 10:39:57 EST 1995

The CELL web pages were up and running last week, and when I talked with 
people at CELL they did not indicate that they planned to dump the page. 
It might be a problem with their service provider, so I'd try again 
another time.

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In article <47r74q$ovn at cisun2000.unil.ch>,
Kay Hofmann <khofmann at isrec-sun1.unil.ch> wrote:
>There used to be a WWW-site of the journal CELL with the address
>If I try this now, the whole internet adress seems to be unknown.
>Has it changed or has cell withdrawn its WWW-service?
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