helminthological abstracts

Roxana Bertha Inohuye Rivera [BM] rinohuye at cibnor.cibnor.conacyt.mx
Thu Nov 16 11:34:35 EST 1995

To all:
Greetings from La Paz, B.C.S. Mexico.
We are working with marine parasites of fishes, mainly helminths 
(monogens, trematodes, cestodes,..).

In the librarys of La Paz we don't have almost any journal of parasites, 
the literature of parasites are diverse, dispersed and extensive and  many 
journal publish articles about parasites.
We need a way to access the Helminthological Abstracts (the nearest one is 
1, 500 km away in Mexico city or San Diego U.S.A). 

It is possible via internet??????

We will appreciate any help. 

Thanks in advance.

Roxana B. Inohuye Rivera  rinohuye at cibnor.conacyt.mx
Juan Carlos Perez Urbiola  jperez at cibnor.conacyt.mx 

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