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Koutaro Torii <torii at> wrote:
>In article <0099972C.34D72300.30 at> hcwang at MED1.BMI.AC.CN writes:
>   >>Could you tell me the email address of the
>   >>Editorial Office and Subscription Department
>   >>of Computer Applications in Biosciences (CABIOS)?
>   >>Thanks in advance.
>     I'm not sure about the address that you want know,
>but you can try to contact with this address: 
>   STORMO at BOULDER.COLORADO.EDU (Executive editor G.D.Stormo) 
>   DB9DA00 at SA.CS.MMU.AC.UK   (Associate editor A.H.Fielding) 

Alan Fielding is no longer an associate editor of CABIOS.

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