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>   This is a time for experimentation in publication methods, and your
>suggestion sounds just what is needed. A major problem with the electronic
>media is arriving at some form of citation information which will be acceptable
>to the paper media. At present it is a one-way process...the electronic media
>can cite the paper media, but seldom the converse.
>To get your new journal cited, I suggest you use some format familier to
>editors of the paper media. For example:
>       Smith, J. (1996) World Publication 0703, 1724
>where the "volume" number  0703 would equal the month and day
>of posting, and
>the "page" number 1724 would indicate the time of day of
>                                                             the posting (gmt).

Other suggestions in this area have been 
(1) to cite the internet publication as a "personal communication" as is
often done in print literature or 
(2) to use the URL address.

The Bulletin of the Medical Library Association uses the following formats:

DENNY R. Windows HTTPD. [computer file] Available via http from


THE WORLD WIDE WEB ORGANIZATION.  World Wide Web home page. Available via
http from:
Adding the date as Don Forsdyke suggest seems very important IMO.  I don't
know if adding the time would be necessary, especially with the potential
confusion regarding time zones.  

In the DENNY example above, the citation was identified as a computer
file.  It may be worthwhile to identify the type of file when ftp is used
(e g. postscript, text, JPEG, etc.).  World Wide Web citations would be
simpler, since all pages are encoded in HTML.

Any coments on the following example?

Author Last Name, Initials. (Year) Title, Publisher, available via URL, date.

Smith, A. A., Smith, B. B., and Smith, C. C. (1996), Making Citations on
the Internet, The  Internet Publishing Co., available via, 0703.

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