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Tue Jun 18 16:39:14 EST 1996

I recently received the attached note, which should be of general interest:

Electronic reprints are posted on the Internet in portable document format
(PDF) to be read by anyone on the Internet.  When printed, the "e-reprint"
matches the traditional reprint exactly.

E-reprints are convenient for both authors and readers, and they cost little
to produce.  Since 1994, the Florida Entomological Society has posted
e-reprints of all articles published in Florida Entomologist, its refereed
journal begun in 1917.  Because making and mounting PDF files costs the
Society less than $2.50 per page, it has opted not to charge authors extra
for e-reprints but to absorb the cost within current page charges.

You can access these e-reprints at
and decide for yourself if authors in your societies' journals would like
the option of having their reprints available all the time anywhere on the

At the same site is a link to a fuller discussion of e-reprints, originally
published on p. 171 of the March 1996 issue of BioScience.

Thomas J. Walker
Department of Entomology & Nematology
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-0620
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