Lawrence P. Kuscin Sr. fireguy1 at
Sun Jun 23 11:29:19 EST 1996

"ONE MINUTE PLEASE"    "Ask NOT what your Country can do for
 ------------------     you, but what you can do for your Country"
                                       John F. Kennedy

Hello American Voter  (If your not a United States Of America
                         voter, you may kill this post now)


    I established a very different Homepage on the Internet, as a
public service.  I would like to know WHY, you are going to vote for
which person running for President this November.  I would like to
hear it from the voters, not the polls or the news media.

    The Homepage is FAST, no pictures, etc.  All text, so it should
move quickly.  It is for the simple exchange of information.

    PLEASE STOP BY, and leave me a message that I can POST on the
Homepage regarding any of the subjects noted below.

   As the days go by, I'm sure you'll find many messages of interest
to you as well.  ONLY with the Internet is this possible.


The layout is as follows:

       Homepage:  Name & Web Counter
        Page 1 :  Introduction
        Page 2 :  Index
        Page 3 :  Who can you vote for?
        Page 4 :  Our National Safety
        Page 5 :  Our Local Safety
        Page 6 :  Jobs and unemployment
        Page 7 :  Taxes
        Page 8 :  Balanced Budget
        Page 9 :  National Debt
        Page 10:  Homes and Building America
        Page 11:  American Business
        Page 12:  Education
        Page 13:  Transportation and Road building
        Page 14:  Health Care
        Page 15:  Abortion
        Page 16:  Smoking Laws
        Page 17:  Drinking Laws
        Page 18:  Using Drugs & Drug War
        Page 19:  Welfare
        Page 20:  Immigration
        Page 21:  Family Values
        Page 22:  TV  V chip
        Page 23:  Gay Rights
        Page 24:  Gay Marriages
        Page 25:  Gays in the Military
        Page 26:  Personal Searches by Police
        Page 27:  Taking Personal Property by Police
        Page 28:  Crime
        Page 29:  Gun Control
        Page 30:  Death Penalty
        Page 31:  World Trade

    It is requested that messages to be POSTED be short, no larger
than 50 lines.  This will allow more ideas.

    PLEASE take part in this worthwhile program.

    Send you POSTS to:  fireguy1 at

Stop by:

and know what is going on in YOUR government, and be sure to VOTE


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