Access to MEDLINE pre-1981?

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There are many ways to access Medline for free on the internet. After
significant frustration our group ranked the sites for ease of access and
search features.  A helpful, comprehensive analysis of the medline sites is

Internet Medline Comparison Table at Medical Matrix***
Ranks free and fee based medline services available on the Internet.
Includes access restrictions, dates covered, fees for document
delivery, navigation tools, and utilities for expanding searches to
medical concepts.


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> W R Bennett <bspwrb at> wrote:
> >Our university, as with many others, has a license to access MEDLINE and

> >SCI, but these databases only go as far back as 1981.  Anyone know if 
> >there's a (free) gateway  which would allow me to on-line search for 
> >abstracts as far back as 1970 in the life sciences?  (I realise it's not

> >very likely, but you never know...)
> Our University's MEDLINE subscription enables us to search back to 1966,
> which is I presume as far as Medline goes back.  So you could ask your
> library people whether they could either get University access to those
> years, as the databases do exist, or whether they could find some way for
> to do a search of them on a special-case basis.
> I wish Medline would put a small amount of money into gradually going
> further -- it would probably not cost much, as the size the biomedical
> literature shrinks as one goes back.  Furthermore, one does not have to
> "keep up" with that literature -- it's of finite size and isn't growing.
> It would be lovely to search back to 1900, or even 1850.
> I have set followups to bionet.journals.note which is appropriate for
> discussion.
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