Prior publication

Donald Forsdyke forsdyke at
Tue May 6 20:08:23 EST 1997

> Do any journals have formal policies on what constitutes prior
> publication of data on the Internet? I think conference posters would
> make good web documents (see
>, and I would like
> to set up a site to display posters from a conference later this year.
> However, after some initial enthusiasm, the organizers seem to have got
> cold feet over the prospect of data being declared as "previously
> published" if they hang it up on a website instead of a felt board.

       I do not think journals have much of a leg to stand on since
       they will often not allow authors to include web addresses in
       the cited list of publications. We need some general agreement
       on a satisfactory way of citing internet postings to recognized
       bulletin boards, such as this one.

                        D. Forsdyke

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