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Mark Reimer mwreimer at
Tue Aug 4 08:35:02 EST 1998

A New Electronic Avenue to Publish Supplementary Techniques Information --

Biological Procedures Online is a new peer-reviewed techniques journal
that permits you to supplement your published research with additional
procedural information. BPO covers all areas of biology and biochemistry.
The path to research success is seldom as straight as a traditional
materials and methods section implies, and as a result much important
information is never published.  Biological Procedures Online addresses
this issue. 

We are still in the start-up stage and would heartily welcome your support
through the contribution of a paper.

The journal is a free service. Articles may be accessed without charge or
registration and can be freely printed to paper for non-profit or
educational use. Authors retain copyright ownership of their work.  Our
liberal copyright policies are among the most progressive in scientific

Visit the journal and browse our first issue at . If you could support this project by
submitting an article, please view our Instructions for Authors, or
contact me at mwreimer at . 

Thank you for helping to advance scientific communication. 

Mark Reimer

Mark Reimer
Biological Procedures Online
University of Waterloo
GMO 106 Box 44
Waterloo, ON
Canada, N2L 3G1

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