Lena Kudryavitskaya kojot at
Tue Feb 9 05:51:42 EST 1999

My name is Lena, I study in biological institute and now I collect a
statistical material rather pseudopregnancies (false pregnancies) at dogs
you could not help me by answering on the following questions:
1) How frequently there is pseudopregnancies at dogs which are constantly
used in work (service, hunting)?
2) Do keeping dogs in  groups promote for synchronization of
pseudopregnancies of dogs?
3) What is expressed more at pseudopregnancies : Á) antenatal behaviour. B)
parent behaviour. ó) allocation of milk?
4)What is the beginning of pseudopregnancies (false pregnancies)?   By what
does  the process start?
5)What is the  concentration        of   gonadotropin     and  sexual
hormons during the period of pseudopregnancies (false pregnancies)  and
normal pregnancies ?
5)How much is the intensity of lactation defined by secretory  prolactin?
7)Does the pseudopregnancies (false pregnancies)  happen to   uncoupled dog
bitches ?
Sincerely yours
Kojot at

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