Release - the website of creative youth agnst emotion - has moved

Flem dukenukem_4evr at
Mon Jul 19 12:02:23 EST 1999

Release has now moved to Tripod, so please update your bookmarks:

It also now includes a mailing list to keep in touch with the inner
philosophising of the mind. There you shall find much for your
psychoanalytical pleasure.

The site houses creative articles and fiction on issues, life, music and

It deals with issues from left politics, the education system,
relationships, morality, philosophy, honesty, and the interesting facets of
society in general.

For anyone interested in angst, youth, or emotion, you might like to take a
look -- you can download the whole site and read it offline.

My only ask is to tell me what you think.

See you there,

Please e-mail as well as post replies to my messages!

... For a Creative Release of youth angst emotion
Articles on Issues, Life, Fiction, Film and Music.

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