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Stirring, a new literary collection is now seeking submissions for the
September/October edition.  

Anyone may submit to Stirring, though our acceptance ratio is small. We
typically publish one play, a few pieces of prose, and several poems a month.
Each piece must have something to say and be willing to speak it in fresh and
innovative ways. This does not mean that we discriminate against traditional
forms of writing; sonnets and love stories are looked upon with the same
attention as atypical one-acts or cummings-esque poetry. 

To submit merely send an email to StirringLC at aol.com or to myself here at
FaerieSong at aol.com which can include any of the following information: 

        Full name 
        Date of Birth 
        Location (City and State) 
        Webpage Address 
        Previous Publications (Up to Five) 
        Picture (you may upload this if you wish)
        Any Other Comments 

Please send pieces as .txt, .doc, .wps, or .html files. 

You may, total, submit up to one play, three pieces of prose (less than thirty
pages total), and five poems. You may submit multiple times, however not more
than once per month. 

All works will be reviewed and responded to within two weeks. 

You retain the copyright and all publishing rights to all of your pieces
regardless of publication.  We also accepted previously published material as
long as the publication is sited.

Please take a moment to visit us at

<a href="http://i.am/stirring">http://i.am/stirring</a>

If you know of anyone who would be interested in publishing their work at this
site, please feel free to forward this email on.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Erin Smith
Erin Smith
Editor-in-Chief, Stirring
<a href="http://i.am/stirring">http://i.am/stirring</a>

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