PubMedCentral and the Alexandria Problem

D Forsdyke forsdyke1 at
Tue Sep 28 07:33:07 EST 1999

Dear Dr. Harnad,
                For the general reader, some of the issues are to be
found in the latest issue of The Scientist:

However, the "Alexandria problem" seems to remain unanswered. You have
probably written about this and can provide a summary answer? 

       As you know, the ancient library at Alexandria was destroyed and
with it all that the library contained. Fortunately, there were some
copies and the glory of ancient Greek and other cultures was not lost
for all time.

     As far as I know the depositary which serves the physics community
has only one site. One accident and WHAM! it is all gone!! What steps
are being taken to ensure duplication/triplication at geographically
disparate sites (like GenBank) in the case of PubMedCentral?

Sincerely, Donald Forsdyke (Discussion Leader. Bionet.journals.note)

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