A Role for SPARC in Freeing the Refereed Literature

Petr Kuzmic pkuzmic at biokin.com
Sun Jun 18 08:39:42 EST 2000

Stevan Harnad wrote: (emphasis // added by P.K.)

>     (1) A brand-new PhD recipient proudly tells /his/ mother [...]
>     (2) A fellow-researcher at that same university sees a reference to
>     that same article. /He/ goes to their library [...]
>     (4) The undergraduate loses patience, gets bored, and clicks on
>     napster to grab an MP3 file of /his/ favorite bootleg [...]
>     What is wrong with this picture? 

Answer: There are no female students and researchers in it, only males.  

I should add that I fully agree with Dr. Harnad's revolutionary ideas
about scientific publishing, even as I think (perhaps somewhat
pessimistically) that the evolutionary SPARC approach has a greater
chance of succeeding in the short run.


	-- PK

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