New Website: Model Organism Bioinformatics & Research Menu Hubsite

elgansNet elegansnet at
Fri Mar 10 12:08:51 EST 2000

Dear Researchers,

We are announcing a new website which might be useful to many researchers.
The title and a brief description is provided for you below. It is unique as
a 'unified' workbench meeting most if not all the needs of researchers.

TITLE: elegansNet: Model Organism Bioinformatics & Research Menu Hubsite.

DESCRIPTION: C. elegans Network provides comprehensive index with frequent
updates of research menu.  Included are databases (alphabetically
organized), services (data bases etc. are functionally organized), model
organisms (Drosophila, mouse, nematodes, Xenopus, yeast), research areas
(medicine, disease, aging, development, cell death, DNA replication, signal
transduction, ion channels, oxidative-stress, aging etc.), protocols,
material, literature search, announcements, news/media, reference shelf,
career, funding, publishing, phone books, and more.

This site simplifies navigation in several ways:

1.  An open-face index hierarchy.

2.  Framed interface to model organism servers/resources.

3. Three channels (frames) for information delivery: Channel 1, index;
Channel 2: highlights recent notable publication abstracts in the context of
PubMed interface or other announcements; Channel 3: Technology highlights,
elegansNet WebStar announcement, and more...

elegansNet is a no-profit website and can be linked to at:

Please direct questions and comments to elegansNet at

Thank you,


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