BioMed Central "small" $500 "Processing fee"

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Wed Dec 19 14:35:54 EST 2001

The following should be of considerable interest to those
who look to electronic publication as a way of decreasing
author's publication expenses.

D. R. Forsdyke. Discussion Leader. Bionet.journals.note

19 December 2001
                             Biomed Central adopts
                             charge for articles

                             BioMed Central will introduce a
processing charge for
                             articles published in its
online journals beginning on
                             January 1 2002.

                             The decision to introduce
processing charges is
                 apparently the result of a consultation
process across the scientific
                 community and with representatives of key
funding bodies.

                 Within the scientific community, there was
widespread (although not
                 universal) agreement with the premise that
processing charges are
                 the best way to help pay for the cost of
maintaining free access to
                 scientific papers.

                 BioMed Central's business model attempts to
address the concern
                 within the scientific community that
subscription charges are strangling

                 the communication of scientific research.
This concern is clearly
                 demonstrated by the more than 28,000
signatories to the Public
                 Library of
                 Science open letter ( ),
                 the establishment of the PubMed Central
archive of freely accessible
                 research ( ),
                 and the more than 1000 submissions to
BioMed Central's open
                 access journals over the past year.

                 BioMed Central believes that the payment of
a small processing
                 charge in return for immediate and
permanent free access to
                 published research
                 will become a widely accepted and standard
part of science funding
                 policy. Preliminary discussions
                 with funding bodies and research
institutions suggest that payment of
                 processing charges from research grants and
infrastructure funding
                 will be
                 allowed. With this in mind, it has been
decided that from January 1
                 2002 there will be a US$500 processing
charge for any article
                 accepted for publication in BMC journals.

                 Not all authors will be required to pay for
the processing of their
                 research articles; BioMed Central will
waive the article processing
                 charges for authors in developing countries
and in cases
                 of genuine hardship.


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