What to do with journals?

joe at genetics.washington.edu joe at genetics.washington.edu
Thu Nov 8 13:18:26 EST 2001

As long as this is newsgroup  bionet.journals.note, let me raise a different
question.  A friend is seeking to get rid of some years' accumulation of
old copies of (paper) scientific journals.  If our local University
library isn't interested, is there anyone he should give them to?  I
am pretty sure that local libraries and bookstores will not want them.
While it might be helpful to get them to some institution in a poor
country, the shipping costs would be a serious problem.

A lot of old scientific journals get tossed in the dumpster around here.
Is there a better destination?

(Responses about how much better electronic journals are, or how much
better self-archiving is, are fine but do not solve his problem).

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