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Leslie Carr
Mon Jul 29 05:40:15 EST 2002

At 15:57 26/07/2002 +0100, Tim Chown wrote:
>...what's the best way to get the institutions engaged?

You may be interested in the TARDIS project we are just starting up at 
Southampton. Funded by JISC in the UK, its objective is to examine ways of 
achieving cultural and institutional change in order to get academics 

Using a multidisciplinary institutional archive for Southampton University 
as the focus, we are looking at various carrot-and-stick ideas to get 
archives in general filled. Fronted by librarians calling on our technical 
resources, we are looking at various forms of assisted self-archiving as 
well as technical and administrative 'inducements'. Six departments across 
the institution are being targetted; at one end of the spectrum we are 
undertaking advocacy campaigns, at the other end we intend to simply sit 
down with hundreds of individuals, help them fill out the eprints forms and 
answer their questions.

Although our website isn't ready yet you can see the project details at

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