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  1. Powerpoints for Promoting Self-Archiving of Institutional Research Output   Stevan Harnad
  2. Distinguishing the Essentials from the Optional Add-Ons   Stevan Harnad
  3. Metalist of open access archives (fwd)   Stevan Harnad
  4. Funding-Reversing Aging Changes in Human Hair Follicles   NineSigma M:X Managed Exchange
  5. Draft Policy for Self-Archiving University Research Output   Stevan Harnad
  6. Don't Conflate Self-Archiving with Self-Publishing, or Buy-In with Buy-Back   Stevan Harnad
  7. Access-Denial, Impact-Denial and the Developing and DevelopedWorld   Stevan Harnad
  8. Peer Review Reform Hypothesis-Testing   Stevan Harnad
  9. Central vs. Distributed Archives   Stevan Harnad
  10. Procter & Gamble Research Funding   NineSigma M:X Managed Exchange
  11. She snuck into my bed last night!   Lusty Threads
  12. A Note of Caution About "Reforming the System"   Stevan Harnad

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