The True Cost of the Essentials (Implementing Peer Review)

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Tue Jul 22 09:44:20 EST 2003

On Tue, 22 Jul 2003, Christopher D. Green wrote:

> Page charges like those levied by PLoS and BMC will never be accepted in
> psychology, which is now among the largest of all academic disciplines
> (Amer. Psych. Assoc. -- ...the largest of several major
> psych. societies -- has some 150,000 members/affiliates and publishes
> nearly 50 journals). Stevan disagrees with me about this -- never say
> "never," he says.

Never say never. In the meanwhile, if you can't find a suitable
open-access journal to publish in (or don't want to have to pay any
publishing charges), continue to publish in the journal of your choice --
and self-archive!

> institutional membership is, IMHO, the way to go. Otherwise, the vast
> majority of authors (who don't really care about this issue one way or
> another) will simply continue to send their work to traditional journals
> that charge them nothing to publish and whose issues they can pick off
> the library shelves (apparently) for free.

Fine. But don't keep losing daily research impact while waiting for the
day when all journals become open-access journals, funded by institutional
charges: Make your articles openly accessible by self-archiving them
right now.

And if you want to know why you need to care about whether or not your
work is open-access, see these:

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Stevan Harnad

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