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Michael Michael
Fri Nov 14 15:19:23 EST 2003

Hi Stevan,

First I should note that I personally have nothing to do with this 
study, I have only read Sarah's report.  The author, Greg Schwartz 
(gschwarz #@# would certainly be a better source as to what 
he is saying.

Certainly you may post my message about it.  

To your question:  Greg is referring to papers which have been deposited 
in the ArXiv, normally astro-ph, thus they are self-archived in advance 
of publication (preprinted).  There are other avenues for astronomy 
articles to be preprinted; he seems from the description not to be 
taking them into account.  In your terminology he notes that most of the 
articles were submitted to the ArXiv after they were accepted (thus are 
post-refereeing postprints); there is no requirement for this by any 
astronomy journal, but it has long been the common practice, since 
before preprints became electronic.

So the answer to your first paragraph question is YES!

Greg may know if there is a difference in citation rate for papers which 
were deposited in the ArXiv before they were accepted (pre-refereeing 
preprints) vs after they were accepted (postprints); this would help to 
clear up the causality issue, as the preprints were self-archived earlier.

In any event this is a huge vote for the importance of self-archiving.

Best wishes


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