Conference: Institutional Repositories and Their Impact on Publishing

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Thu Apr 22 08:57:38 EST 2004

Publishing and Library/Learning Solutions (PALS)
PALS Conference 04 - Institutional Repositories and Their Impact on Publishing

    "Institutional repositories-web-based, institution-focused archives
    of scholarly content-have been receiving increasing attention
    recently. They are seen by some advocates of self-archiving as a more
    promising route to open access than subject-based archives, although
    the latter have been very successful in a few disciplines. Their
    contents, which are generally freely available, can include
    journal article eprints (both preprints and postprints), theses
    and dissertations, technical reports, working papers and other
    grey literature, datasets and other digital material. A number
    of significant developments, such as the launch of MIT's DSpace
    in the autumn of 2002, as well as the University of California's
    eScholarship and the growth of repositories based on the University of
    Southampton's EPrint software, have brought the issue of institutional
    repositories increasingly to the fore."

    Topics include:

    Case studies from leading institutional repositories
    Attendees include:

    Senior university/college administrators interested in the policy
    implications of institutional repositories


Here is a list of Institutional Archives:

Sites with more than 1000 records use a different scale under records 
and are highlighted red instead of blue.

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