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Subject: University policy mandating self-archiving of research output

The need for institutional policies mandating self-archiving has been a
frequent topic on this forum.

At Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia, this advice was
taken on board during the planning stage for our eprint repository, QUT
ePrints which was launched a few week ago (see: ).

Tom Cochrane, QUT's Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Technology, Information and
Learning Support) developed a suitable policy proposal and took it through
the University's committee system. The senior research community at the
university is well versed in the cost and access issues, and this helped
the DVC to present the issue persuasively.  Consequently, when the Academic
Board of the University endorsed an eprint policy for QUT (effective from
January 2004) it was on the recommendation of Research and Development
Committee. (see: )

The policy was developed in consultation with the major stakeholders so
that the University as a whole would own the policy. We now have a clear
institutional mandate for self-archiving which will be backed up with
plenty of promotion, training and support.

As the QUT Eprint Archive Project Officer, I am currently investigating how
the annual collection of QUT research output data (required for mandatory
Government reporting) could be used to assist with populating the archive,
or vice versa. I am keen to hear from peers at other institutions who may
be doing something similar.

QUT ePrints is still in its infancy and most of our researchers have yet to
return from vacation.  However, the documents are starting to trickle in
already so I am very optimistic.


Paula Callan  BA (UQ), GradDipLib&InfoSys (QUT), GCEd (Higher) (QUT)
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