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Stevan Harnad harnad at
Thu Jan 15 09:52:08 EST 2004

On Thu, 15 Jan 2004, Jan Velterop wrote: 

> My suggestion: 
>       "Journals that charge anybody for access to the online
>       version of research articles, or erects other access barriers
>       such as compulsory registration, anytime, anywhere, are not
>       included. (Charging only for the parallel print edition is
>       acceptable.)"

Jan's version is definitely better than mine. (I had forgotten about
tricks like compulsory registration!) But the wording still does not
quite work. We need to exclude any access-charge and any gerrymandered
access but I believe (strongly) that we need not and should not exclude
the following:

You are a journal publisher. You commit to making the full-text
contents of all your articles accessible online immediately, permanently
and directly (i.e., no registration barrier, no gerrymandered ebrary-style
interface or download) to all web-users, no strings attached 
AND (not BUT, AND) 
you also sell another edition, either on paper or online, for tolls,
to those who can and do pay them.

I see no reason (nothing to be gained) for denying such a publisher
the golden "OA" label! Whereas I do see the loss of many potential OA
publishers who are deterred by the fact that we declare that committing
to providing permanent OA to all their contents is not enough: they must
also renounce all parallel efforts to recover costs through tolls!

I strongly urge that it be made clear that (ungerrymandered) OA
provision to all of its articles by the journal is all that is required
to make a journal an OA journal. The journal's cost-recovery model and
methods are not part of the definition of either OA or OA publishing.
Only OA provision is.

We are trying to effect a transition here, as soon as possible.
Arbitrary ideological barriers are not a practical help in this.
The endstate will be what we all desire, but let us not get needlessly
restrictive while the cupboard"s still bare!

Stevan Harnad

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