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Helene Bosc hbosc at
Tue Apr 26 09:10:22 EST 2005

Il y a un autre probl=E8me avec demoprints.
je pense aussi que Poynder n'a pas vu que son archivage =E9tait en pending=
Items .  Voici un extrait de mon message pr=E9c=E9dent.

"both were staying as pending items and I deposited the first this morning"=

Je viens de me souvenir que je n'avais pas compris d'abord que je devais
les d=E9poser.  Je pensais qu'un administrateur de demoprints le ferait
=2E parce que je connais le syst=E8me j'ai cherch=E9 la raison et toute seu=
j'ai d=E9pos=E9. mais Il est normal qu'un naif ne sache pas le faire.

Suite =E0 mon message
pour info

>Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 14:01:50 +0100
>From: Christopher Gutteridge <cjg at>
>To: Helene Bosc <hbosc at>
>Subject: [travail] Re: demoprints
>a) you've got an editorial restriction - which means you can only=20
>edit/approve certain items. (this is used to limit an editor to a certain=
>subject or type of record). Edit your "user record" and remove the restric=
>b) The search index is rebuilt every few hours, the /view/ pages are=20
>rebuilt every few hours.
>Helene Bosc wrote:
>>I have 2 problems with demoprints
>>I have deposited 2 articles two days ago.
>>both were saying as pending items and I deposited the first this morning;
>>It appears in the archive when I search by my name Bosc, but I cannot=20
>>succeed to find it by subject (ZA information ressources)
>>When returned to the buffer  the second  article has disappeared and I=20
>>have instead of mine the following
>>(see the past screen below.)
>>Submission Buffer Overview
>>The following records match your editorial scope, which is: Subjects=20
>>matches any of "ZA Information resources" AND EPrint Type matches any of=
>>Click on the title of an entry to view, edit, accept or reject it.
>>Title Submitted by Submission Date
>>Open Archive Software Tools Dr Emil Zorg 20 January 2005
>>Go to the Demonstration EPrints Archive User Area Homepage
>>Where is the problem
>>A 14:17 13/04/05 +0100, vous avez =E9crit :
>>>It looks like demoprints may get a big redesign over the next few months=
>>>This may mean that the "admin" options are not available to users.
>>>Also it will look substatantially different.
>>>If this happens before your demos I will either
>>>a) give you an admin account
>>>b) give you a log-in on a spare eprints archvie. There's usually one or
>>>two unused one around here.
>>>I'm starting to write the design for the new demoprints today, so any
>>>suggestions you have would be very interesting as you are an important
>>>user of demoprints (using it for live demos!)

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