[Journal-notes] Re: Leading academics back UK Research Councils on self-archiving

Stevan Harnad harnad at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Wed Aug 24 04:22:44 EST 2005

On Wed, 24 Aug 2005, J.F.B.Rowland wrote:

> Let me clarify my position. I am partisan *for* OA repositories, I fully
> support the RCUK statement and the leading academics' open letter...
> ...Stevan says "Why plan for a transition to something that may not happen?"  
> Answer: managements are supposed to plan for contingencies that may adversely 
> effect their organisations' business!

I didn't say let's not plan (for whatever). I said let's not defer
or derail (or use "planning" as a pretext for deferring) the already
too long-deferred RCUK policy, slated for adoption end-August and
implementation in October.

And I am a partisan of learned societies too: But not when they try
to delay, defer or derail the optimal and inevitable for research and

Our Open Letter closed with:

    "For this reason, we believe that RCUK should go ahead and implement
    its immediate-self-archiving mandate, without further delay. That
    done, RCUK can meet with ALPSP and other interested parties to discuss
    and *plan* [emphasis added] how the UK Institutional Repositories
    can collaborate with journals and their publishers in sharing the
    newfound benefits of maximising UK research access and impact."

Stevan Harnad

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