CogPrints is not a publisher nor a peer-reviewer

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Tue Feb 1 10:59:18 EST 2005

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> From: Stevan Harnad 
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> Date: 2/1/2005 7:23:27 AM
> Subject: CogPrints is not a publisher nor a peer-reviewer
> On Tue, 1 Feb 2005, [Identity Deleted] wrote:
> > Dear Professor Harnad:
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> > We are writing an introductory textbook on -------- and have found 
> > the article ----------- by -------------
> > on Cogprints. <
> > 
> > The article and its information is very interesting but we would like 
> > to verify the source with you before we include a reference to it or
> > your website.  Is it from a larger publication by ------? 
> Dear -----,
> It is important for you to understand that CogPrints is merely a repository in
> which authors can self-archive their papers in order to make them accessible
> webwide. It is not a publication and certainly not a peer-reviewed journal. There
> is a metadata field in CogPrints where authors can indicate whether the material
> is published and peer reviewed, and if so, what journal it appeared in.  Otherwise
> the paper is merely an unpublished ms. It gains no further authority in virtue
> of having been self-archived in CogPrints.
> [Identity deleted] is, as far as I know, an independent scholar, 
> unaffiliated with any institution. Nor has he published much in 
> peer-reviewed journals. (I do not  believe that the paper in question 
> has been published anywhere.) His writing has accordingly not been 
> fact-checked or vetted by peers; it is simply self-published.
> I would urge you to use unrefereed material with caution if you wish to say
> reliable and authoritative things about it in your textbook. There is a good
> deal of published writing on --------.  But you should focus on what has been 
> published in validated, peer-reviewed sources, rather than just what happens 
> to be accessible on the Web.
> Best wishes,
> Stevan Harnad

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