MRC approval rate

Richard Gordon gordonr at CC.UMANITOBA.CA
Mon Jan 2 02:04:52 EST 2006

Dear Don,
I just finished compiling those figures for Manitoba:

MRC eligible    337
MRC funded      73      22%
NSERC eligible  417
NSERC funded    211     51%

This includes all presently active awards, not just those made this

Maybe we should stop funding bird brains?
Yours, -Dick

>Dear Dick,
>          Yes, 72% unfunded looks bad, but I suspect many of them have some
>funding from other sources and are looking to the MRC for more funds, or
>are even looking for a second MRC grant. The 28% may not reapply again for
>3-5 years, so it may be the SAME 72% which gets, rejected, "competition"
>after "competition" (me included). Better figures for evaluative purposes
>would be the percentage of total MRC eligible researchers who are actually
>unfunded (a) from any source, and (b) from the MRC.
>          As for Alex's wondering why the 72% appear not to be incommoded
>by the MRC's adverse decision, I suspect that many of them (like most
>members of the MRC itself) have never given deep thought to the rationale
>of the process by which funds are assigned. One commentator would compare
>their knowledge in this area to a bird's knowledge of aerodynamics.
>Regards, Donald Forsdyke

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