[Journal-notes] Crisis in Publishing - A Calm Discussion Forum Waiting in the Wings

forsdyke via jrnlnote%40net.bio.net (by forsdyke from queensu.ca)
Mon Feb 6 09:43:06 EST 2012

This Group was started by me circa 1994 with support from certain
Editors. I hoped that it would provide a general forum for issues
related to scientific publishing. For many years Steve Harnad kept
things going virtually single-handed. Had the Group been employed
properly, perhaps the present crisis could have been avoided. Now
there is talk of a boycot of Elsevier. Scientists are signing a
petition (  http://thecostofknowledge.com/  ) threatening to boycot
(publishing in and reviewing for) Elsevier, until it puts its house in
order. Other publishing houses should not be complacent. Perhaps if
the discussion were to be continued here, the crisis could be defused
and the Group could attain its true potential.

Donald Forsdyke, Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences,
Queen's University, Canada

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