19th International Conference on Polyphenols, Lille (France)

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19th International Conference on Polyphenols, Lille (France) 1st-4th of
September, 1998.
You are welcome to attend the 19th International Conference on Polyphenols
organized for the "Groupe Polyph=E9nols" by Christian ROLANDO (CNRS, USTL
Lille, France) and Augustin SCALBERT (INRA Avignon, France), in Lille
(France) from the 1st to the 4th of September, 1998. This Congress takes
place every two years bringing together about 400 people from academic
institutions and industry.
=46ourteen plenary lectures (40 min) will introduce the six topics developed
during the Conference. Each of the six sessions will include four to six
oral communications (15 min). Posters will be presented each day during
special sessions. Round tables on hot topics or techniques will also be
The Conference will publish two volumes of proceedings:
- Polyphenols Communications: this volume (approximately 500 pages) will be
distributed during the congress. It will contain a two-page summary for all
lectures, oral communications and posters.
- Polyphenols 98: this book (approximately 400 pages) will be published by
INRA Editions a few weeks after the congress and will contain the text of
all the plenary lectures.
These two books will be issued free to all participants.
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these documents, please contact us.
You can get more information on the following URL:
or ask directly to
polyphen at univ-lille1.fr
for receiving the first announcement.
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people among your relationships.
The following topics will be treated:
Topic 1 : Polyphenols in Human Health
Medicinal plants rich in polyphenols have been used in the treatment of
diseases for several thousand years. Today it is realized that polyphenols
present in food and beverages also contribute to the prevention of diseases
and upholding of a good state of health. Communications will focus on:
- the demonstration of their activity in vivo;
- the mechanisms of action;
- their bioavailability.
Topic 2 : Chemical and Biochemical Synthesis of Polyphenols
The difficulty in obtaining polyphenols of a defined structure and
composition limits considerably the study of their biological properties.
The aim of this session is to revise recent development of polyphenol
synthesis by chemical and biochemical means. The following molecules will
be considered:
- labeled molecules;
- analogues with specific properties;
- oligomers of defined composition and stereochemistry;
- polyphenol conjugates.
Topic 3 : Polyphenols in Food and Consumer Preference
Red color of fruits, vanilla aroma and wine astringency are all explained
by the presence of polyphenolic compounds. Polyphenols have a major
influence on color, aroma and taste and will affect the final consumer
choice. Communication will focus on :
- polyphenols and food quality;
- polyphenols and sensory analysis;
- polyphenols and physiology of food quality perception.
Topic 4 : Polyphenols and Stress Resistance of Plants
Mechanisms of plant defense against stress imposed by biotic (e.g.
pathogens) and abiotic (e.g. UV radiation) factors are diverse and complex.
Polyphenols, either constitutive or inducible, are one of the important
components of the defence strategies developed by plants during evolution.
Communications will concern:
- polyphenol biosynthesis in response to stress;
- regulation of the expression of polyphenol biosynthetic pathways;
- molecular approaches for reducing or enhancing the accumulation of
polyphenols in plants.
Topic 5 : Polyphenols as Raw Material for Elaborated Products
Plant polyphenols are present in various food additives either as a
coloring agent or as an antioxidant. An important development outlook
appears today in many a field e.g. dietary supplements, beauty products or
packing. The following specialities will be considered:
- food additives;
- nutraceuticals;
- cosmetics;
- polyphenol polymers.
Topic 6 : Polyphenols in the Biosphere
Polyphenols are major secondary metabolites setting the balance between
plant, animal and micro-organism species. Synthesized in plant tissues,
degraded by micro-organisms in the soil or in the animal gut, discarded in
the course of human activities, understanding their role and evolution in
the biosphere is essential for its preservation. The following aspects will
be covered:
- polyphenols as deterrent agents;
- polyphenols as signal molecules;
- biodegradation of polyphenols;
- polyphenols in soil and water.
The Scientific Committee is composed of:
- Marie-Joseph AMIOT, (INRA Avignon, France)
- Catherine CHEZE, (University of Bordeaux, France)
- Mike CLIFFORD, (University of Surrey, UK)
- Pierre COMBE, (SEFCAL, St. Julien de Peyrolas, France)
- Jeffrey HARBORNE, (University of Reading, UK)
- Hyoe HATAKEYAMA (Fukui University of Technology, Japan)
- Richard W. HEMINGWAY (USDA, Pineville, Louisiana, USA)
- Richard HURRELL, (ETH Z=FCrich, Switzerland)
- Raga=EF IBRAHIM, (University of Montreal, Canada)
- Catherine LAPIERRE, (INA-PG, Paris, France)
- Jean-Jacques MACHEIX, (University of Montpellier, France)
- Marc SUSCHETET, (INRA Dijon)
- Joseph VERCAUTEREN (University of Bordeaux, France)
The Organizing Committee is composed of:
=46lorence CHARBONNIER, (Ecole Normale Sup=E9rieure, Paris, France)
Nicole COTELLE, (University of Lille 1, USTL, France)
Jean-Michel DELACOTTE, (University Ren=E9 Descartes, Paris, France)
Jean GRIMBLOT, (University of Lille 1, USTL, France)
Sophie LEFEBVRE, (MACC, Villeneuve d'Ascq, France)
J=E9r=F4me LEMOINE, (University of Lille 1, USTL, France)
Jean-Claude MERLIN, (University of Lille 1, USTL, France)
Christian ROLANDO, (CNRS, University of Lille 1, USTL, France)
Augustin SCALBERT, (INRA Avignon, France)
=46rancis TROTIN, (University of Lille 2, France)
Jacques VASSEUR, (University of Lille 1, USTL, France)
=46or further information contact:
Dr. Christian ROLANDO
Universit=E9 des Sciences et Technologies de Lille
UFR de Chimie, B=E2timent C3
59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex
=46ax: +33 1 43 37 00 51
E-mail: polyphen at univ-lille1.fr
19th International Conference on Polyphenols
=46irst announcement
Lille (France) 1st-4th September, 1998.

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