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Plant Molecular Diversity,  Cornell University

As part of a campus-wide genomics initiative, Cornell University is
recruiting a senior plant molecular biologist (associate/full professor) to
study genetic diversity in agricultural species of plants. This person will
apply the tools of genomics and bioinformatics to the preservation and
utilization of genetic resources in plants and will have major links to the
Bailey Hortorium, Department of Plant Breeding, Sections of Ecology and
Systematics, Genetics and Development and Plant Biology as well as the
Boyce Thompson Institute, Geneva Agricultural Experiment Station, USDA
Germplasm Repository at Geneva and the Biotechnology Program.  The academic
home of the position will be in one (or more) of the units mentioned above,
depending on the individual. The candidate must be a proven leader in the
study of plant molecular diversity.  Other demonstrated characteristics
should include administrative effectiveness, the ability to work
successfully with other scientists (nationally and internationally), and to
communicate effectively with faculty, staff, department heads and
scientists throughout the world. Teaching responsibilities will involve one
or two courses in the area of plant molecular diversity (genomics) and/or
bioinformatics and supervision of graduate students.  Send application
materials to:
Dr. Steve Tanksley, Chair, Search Committee, Department of
Plant Breeding, 252 Emerson Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853.
e.mail inquiries to: ljh4 at

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