Seeking Information on Mutator

Dave Edwards Dave.Edwards at
Tue Apr 3 11:26:37 EST 2001

Hi Bob,


and search for Mu, Mutator or other, more specific key words

We run a BBSRC funded IGF program here in Bristol using Mutator and
may be able to answer specific questions or provide some technical
support. email me on

Dave.Edwards at

or phone

01275 549428



On 2 Apr 2001 14:48:35 +0100, BOP00RAV at ("R.A.Vasey")

>My name is Bob Vasey and I am working on maize at the University of
>Sheffield. I am using the Mutator transposon system. I was wondering
>if anybody knows any good websites, book chapters or papers that give
>information about Mutator, as I have not had much luck using UK-based
>literature databases.

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