Silks in tassel?

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Tue Jan 9 09:54:20 EST 2001

At 7:22 AM +0000 1/9/01, magoo at (Wade McKechnie) wrote:
>Could you please provide me with some knowledge on something i have
>found happening in some maize plants i have grown for an experiment
>at school. it seems as though out of the head of the maize plants
>where it gives pollen, it seems as though some threads of silk are
>also protruding from this head where it=DDsheds pollen and develops
>into a corn kernal like piece? if you could explain to me what is
>actually happening and and any other information of this process it
>would be much appreciated!
>wade mckechnie

Dear Wade,

=46irst, I'm sorry about how your post appeared.  This sometimes
happens when one posts in html; despite my efforts to approve-post it
in plain text.  The folks who run the bionet newsgroup server are
working on this.

To answer your question.  There is a class of mutants in maize called
tassel-seed (e.g., see image of Ts6 at:
Another possibility, in some environments, some maize lines have a
tenancy for the tillers (side branches), but not the main stalk, to
produce mini cobs in their tassels.  These tassels would also produce silks
and eventually kernels.

I hope that this helps.

	-Marty Sachs, moderator, bionet.maize


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