Plant molecular genetics positions

Rich Jorgensen raj at Ag.Arizona.Edu
Sun Jun 3 18:38:39 EST 2001

The Plant Chromatin Functional Genomics Consortium is looking for 
Scientific Project Managers to coordinate and manage the production 
and characterization of mutants in Arabidopsis or maize created by 
RNA silencing transgenes. Applicants should have at least 5 to 7 
years of research experience in molecular genetics in industry, 
university or research institute and must possess good project 
management and people management skills. You will be responsible for 
overseeing 2-4 technicians and undergraduates and coordinating with 
your counterparts at other institutions. Positions available at the 
University of Arizona in Tucson (contact: Rich Jorgensen 
<raj at> or Vicki Chandler <chandler at>), 
Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore (contact: Judith Bender 
<jbender at>), and Washington University in St. 
Louis (contact: Craig Pikaard <pikaard at> or Eric 
Richards <richards at>).

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