Callus induction protocol

Chris Truitt ironmanchris at
Mon Apr 15 12:38:24 EST 2002

To whomever it may concern,

Hello, I'm a graduate student at Texas Tech University, and I am having
trouble finding a protocol for callus induction of maize from
aseptically germinated seedlings.  I use Relprim corn in my research and
my callus growth is very slow.  I have used basal MS media with 30g/l
sucrose, 8g/l agar and 4mg/L 2,4-D and tried growing cultures in the
dark at 25C and 30C.  I have also tried growing the cultures in a 16/8
photoperiod at 25C and 30C and still with no luck.  My ultimate goal is
to study the binding of a radiolabeled substrate with suspension
cultured cells.  I would greatly appreciate any advice.

Thank you,

Chris Truitt
Dept. of Chemistry
Texas Tech University
Lubbock TX 79416
ironmanchris at

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