Sep 16 Celebration - preview CIMMYT mirror site for MaizeDB

Mary Polacco PolaccoM at
Sun Sep 15 22:28:25 EST 2002

Colegas y Mexicanos, que Viva México!

To celebrate Mexico Independence day, September 16,  we provide a
sneak-preview of the CIMMYT hosted MaizeDB mirror site,
Access is also from the MaizeDB home-page at Missouri,

Kindly note, this is a work in progress and is part of a bigger project  to
handle SSR polymorphism data, direct from CIMMYT ABI machines to MaizeDB
tables. We will be harmonizing the 2 homepages over the next few weeks,
along with providing access to the polymorphism data.

Viva México!
   with all the best regards from MaizeDB

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