Seeds request

Jianbo Zhang zhang.jianbo at
Mon Jan 10 16:21:13 EST 2005

Dear Colleagues:

I'm trying to locate seeds related to the sh-m5933 allele isolated by
Barbara McClintock.  If you have information about these stocks, please
read on:

My name is Jianbo Zhang, and I am a postdoc in Thomas Peterson's laboratory
at Iowa State University.  I would like to compare the structures of
sh-m5933 and its progenitor in order to test models for unconventional
transposition mechanisms.  There are 4 stocks carrying DsI in chromosome 9
in Maize Stock Center, but it is not known which one is the
progenitor.  Dr. McClintock described an allele named 5933-I in Carnegie
Institution of Washington Year Book No. 51 (page 217); its phenotype is
similar to that of sh-m5933.  If 5933-I is sh-m5933, then the progenitor of
sh-m5933 should be Ds 5245.  If you have Ds 4864A, the Ds element in
standard location, and sh-m6258, I would also like to have them.

Please contact me if you have any seeds or information about these
stocks. Thanks.


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