[Medicago] DEX-induced Chua Plasmid

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Hello everyone,

I posted this same question to the methods and general plant 
newsgroup lists a couple of days ago, and although I got some really 
interesting information, no one could really answer the question. So, 
here it goes again:

Has anyone out there used Nam-Hai Chua's Dex-inducible plant 
expression vector (pTA7001) with Medicago truncatula? Chua himself 
does not seem to know whether or not it works with the species. I 
just want to be reassured before I go to the great trouble of 
obtaining and implementing this particular plasmid. One worry that a 
responder passed along is that there might be an endogenous chemical 
background in legumes that causes background induction, although this 
is unconfirmed for Medicago. Any thoughts?



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