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Please forward this information to qualified individuals you may be =20
aware of. Please note, this is a US government position: applications =20=

will be accepted from United States citizens and nationals.

Seeking qualified technician for a plant molecular biology =20
laboratory. This position, located in Madison, WI, is in a laboratory =20=

using multi-disciplinary approaches, mainly molecular biology, =20
biochemistry, and genetics, to study forage crop biology.  The =20
incumbent will be responsible for performing a number of technical =20
duties including maintaining plant materials; DNA cloning; DNA and =20
RNA extraction and characterization; PCR; protein purification and =20
characterization; plant tissue culture and transformation.  The =20
incumbent will also be expected to adapt, modify, and develop new =20
techniques and/or procedures as needed; prepare solutions and =20
reagents; maintain records and compile data; interpret and document =20
findings and assist in the preparation of information to be included =20
in manuscripts and other formal reports; conduct literature searches; =20=

maintain an efficient laboratory, including ordering and maintaining =20
inventory of laboratory supplies, chemicals, and biological materials.

For a complete description and application information, visit =20
www.usajobs.gov and enter the position number ARS-X8W-0035 in the =20
=93search jobs=94 field. Closing date is 11/26/2007.

Michael L. Sullivan
Plant Research Molecular Geneticist
US Dairy Forage Research Center
1925 Linden Drive West
Madison, WI 53706
(608) 890-0046 (Phone)
(608) 890-0076 (FAX)

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