[Medicago] Promotor ENOD12B from Medicago truncatula

medicago from net.bio.net via medicago%40net.bio.net (by medicago from net.bio.net)
Fri Feb 22 04:16:33 EST 2008

Hallo everybody,

I am looking for the genomic sequence of the ENOD12B (Early Nodulin 12B)
Promotor originating from Medicago truncatula. It should be a roothair
specific promotor. Currently I am sequencing an old plasmid  from our lab,
which should contain this promotor. Unfortunately I cannot verify the
sequence in the plasmid to be the supposed ENOD12B Promotor. A nblast in
the NCBI-database of my sequenced DNA fragment gives me a hint, that my
sequence comes from medicago, but the Sequence alignment is more or less

I hope you understand my problem. Unfortunately in there is more data
aviable about the construct I am sequencing (very old one, and the person
who made it already left the lab). I will be very greatful, if there is
anybody who could help me.

Best wishes,


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