[Medicago] Medicago steering committee suggestions

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Wed May 28 12:56:08 EST 2008

Dear Medicago folks,

Here is a suggestion for this small point on mail-list usage.  A few of you
could resolve to post a message each month, or each week, to 'prime the pump' for
discussion.  Post some tidbit of research news from your lab, or questions
about methods that don't work the way they do for others.

As the current Bionet administrator, I notice that a few messages to
a list at regular intervals will bring in more discussion, e.g. to remind
folks in a community like this that they have common topics to talk about.

The Arabidopsis email list is a good one to emulate; they do have 10x as many
subscribers. But Medicago folks can make up for numbers with the excitement of a 
new model organism, with new discoveries, to discuss.

-- Don Gilbert
Bionet admin.

-- d.gilbert--bioinformatics--indiana-u--bloomington-in-47405
-- gilbertd from indiana.edu--http://marmot.bio.indiana.edu/

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